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February 19, 2013

Castles and Coat of Arms!

I loved teaching my students about Medieval Times last year! We had a lot of fun learning about knights and castles and everything in between!  As a culminating activity, student built a castle to show what they had learned.  I didnt give them too many directions as I wanted them to use their creativity to the fullest.  I sent a letter home explaining that they had two weeks to build a castle, and that it was an at-home project only.  I also attached the rubric so that parents knew what I would be assessing.

  I was thrilled and amazed at what returned to school on the due date!  Castles made out of recyclable materials, Legos, and even cake!  Students were so eager to present their work!  

Also available in French!

This is the resource I used for this project.  Since I know that an at-home project is not always ideal with some groups, I have included suggestions and ideas for in-class work as well.  And, as we all know, some students need more direction than others, so I have created some planning and worksheets as well.  

If you purchase this product from my store, please consider leaving me some feedback and earn some TpT credits to go towards future purchases!

Also available in French!

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