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February 3, 2013


One of my favourite time-filler activities that I hand out to students who are done all their work properly is the Extreme Dot-to-Dot.  It’s a dot-to-dot activity with some pictures having over 1400 dots!  The students in Grades 3 and up absolutely love them, because they just can’t guess what the picture is until it’s done.  

There’s one class in particular where I substitute often, and they ask for these when they see me come in.  One student, C., loves them so much that he can do several in one day! 
Do you see it?? It's a baby dinosaur coming out of it's shell!  Squint! ;)

The pictures can be hard to decipher sometimes, so I usually tell the kids to back up from the picture and squint their eyes to see it better.  When I told C. to squint, he started to get lower to the ground. I kept telling him “Squint! Squint!” and he kept getting lower and lower to the ground.  I finally realized that he was SQUATTING!!!  No wonder he couldn't see the picture!!  

To this day, whenever I go in that class, C. asks me if I remember how to squint.  Those are the little moments that create bonds between teacher and student.  I love it!

 photo 2B1162AF0E3DAC507B1BE749A2F7D235_zps9641e78a.png


  1. These look fun and I know my Gr4s would love them. Where do you find them?
    Terri’s Teaching Treasures

  2. I can't remember where I bought it from, but I think it's either Micheal's or Scholar's Choice...two of my all-time favourite stores! LOL I had C. as a student last year in grade 4 and he loved them then, and still does! I'm going to look for more because he has done every page in the book! There are even some puzzles that take up an 8.5x17 page!


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