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June 19, 2013

How can you tell someone is a teacher?

Last Friday night, as I was browsing Pinterest, I found this cute blog post from Nyla's Crafty Teaching.  She writes about how a stranger could tell she was a teacher just by the directions she gave him.

I thought it was funny, because the very same thing had happened to me that day (and a lot of other times as well) and I was wondering the same thing myself!  

Do teachers have a specific look?  Because, I'm SURE I don't look like that!!

And I KNOW I don't look like this!!!

And I sure as heck don't look like THAT (although my husband may wish I did...)!!!

So what is it?  Do we have an aura that just screams out “I’m a teacher!”  Do we smell of chalkdust?  Is that how they know? 

I went to my chiropractor's office for the first time Friday (Oh boy!  Why did I wait that long to see him?!) and after I was done filling out the new patient paperwork (and before I handed it to the receptionist), I wrote something on my hand (As you already know, that's how I remember important things).  She looked at me, the clipboard, my hand, then said:

"That was really fast!  You MUST be a teacher!"

How. Did. She. Know?!?  This happens to me ALL THE TIME too!! Maybe it's in the way I present myself, or in the way I talk to people, or to my own children?

I just don't get it!  

Does this happen to YOU?

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