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June 17, 2013

Twitter in the Classroom

This week, I joined the world of Twitter!  I know....I know....It's about time!  A couple of years ago, I tried it out with a personal account, but found it too time consuming.  I wanted to know EVERYTHING that the people I was following were tweeting about!  I gave it up after a week or so, but I've rediscovered it as Mrs. Mathis' Homeroom (@mathishomeroom) and it's much much better.  I only follow education related people and it makes my life so much easier! ;)

Here are a few things that I have found over the week:

Although we are teaching our students how to be smart on the Internet and teaching them social media etiquette, we have yet to go as far as allowing social media in the classrooms.  In fact, those websites are banned with the two boards I work with.  However, I do know that other school boards are slowly moving towards allowing access to these websites.  

Does your school encourage the use of social media? If so, you might like this:

Madame Aiello over at Teaching FSL has previously posted about joining Twitter herself and she included some great links that any French teacher would find useful! 

Finally, I found this website to be extremely helpful in understanding all the Twitter lingo!  Go check out their A to Z Dictionary of Educational Twitter Hashtags.

How do YOU use Twitter and social media in the classroom?

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