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July 9, 2013

Flip Flop Product Swap with Teaching FSL!

This is such a fun linky party!  When I came across it on a Facebook group, I knew I had to ask Madame Aiello from Teaching FSL to swap a product (or two) with me!  To my surprise, she thought the exact same thing and asked me before I could ask her. Great minds think alike!

I looked through Tammy's store and there were a few things that I wanted to give a try, but because we're still out on summer vacation for another 6 weeks, I figured I wouldn't really get to try it in a classroom just yet.

First, I chose this product for several reasons.  Posting daily learning goals is quickly becoming high priority in the school boards that I work with, and these awesome signs make it a lot easier for a French teacher to do so.  I love how her graphics aren't "cutesy" and look more grown up, which is more appropriate middle schoolers and high schoolers.  Print out, laminate and use dry erase markers to write down the daily learning goals, success criteria and reminders. These will definitely go up in my French Immersion classroom (if I can just ace the interview....wait....if I can just even GET an interview!)

Click on the image to go directly to her store on Teachers Pay Teachers!

I also checked out this product of hers.  I love the fly swatter game!!  When I was an Official Language Monitor in Alberta, I loved to play that with my students and they all thought it was such a fun game!  You can play it with anything, and for any subject!  You put up words, sentences or pictures on the board, then divide the class into teams.  One person from each team goes up to the board, holding the fly swatter.  The teacher asks an oral question, and the first person to swat the correct answer earns a point for his or her team.

Mme Aiello chose to make this game to teach her students about "Les pronoms d'object directs et indirects", which can be very tricky to learn!  What a great way to turn something so boring into a fun, active game in the classroom!  She also includes sample questions to use with the cards that she provides.  In this product, she includes 2 versions of the game.  One version includes only direct and indirect object pronouns.  The other version, more advanced, includes a combination of all the object pronouns.

Click on the picture to go directly to Mme Aiello's TpT store!

Now, go check out the Teaching FSL blog!  Tammy writes about her daily life as a French as a Second Language teacher, offers tips and tricks on how to teach a second language and so much more!  You can also follower her on Facebook!  Tell her I sent ya! ;)  She'll be reviewing a couple of my products too!  Check out her post on my "Animaux en voie de disparition" and "Letter Ways Activity Pack" here!


  1. I have not seen this linky party until I came across your blog. How fun! I nominated you for an award. Check out my blog to see what it's all about! http://rayofkindergartensunshine.blogspot.com


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