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July 18, 2013

Reading for Pleasure this Summer

Yesterday, the kids and I spent the afternoon at the beach, desperate to cool off.  While the kids were splashing in the water, I pulled out my book and hoped to enjoy some peace and quiet...What was I thinking?  When you're a teacher in a small community, all the kids gravitate to you when you're out in public (and I love every minute of it!).

"Mrs. Mathis!! I didn't expect to see YOU here!  It's so weird!"

"Mrs. Mathis!! Watch this!"

"Mrs. Mathis!  This is my dog!  Watch what he can do!"

"Mrs. Mathis, how's your summer so far?"

"Mrs. Mathis, are those your kids?"  (My kids are like mini-celebrities around here...)

This is the book that I was hoping to read yesterday.  I spend a lot of time reading different teaching related resources, and don't get enough time reading just for pleasure.  I picked it up a few days ago at our local book store and I'm hooked.  I love reading about other teachers' experiences in the classroom and I keep a teaching journal (read about it here) in the hopes of someday writing a book of my own.  I thought it was a sign that this particular teacher was a high school teacher (did you read yesterday's post about the interview I had this week and how I'd love to be a high school teacher?).  In his book, Sherk writes about his memories  of teaching in Toronto for thirty years.  The chapters are short and sweet (just how I like them) and often have me laughing out loud. What a creative teacher he was!  His students remember him for something they affectionately called the Sherkout.  He would stand on his desk, blast the music and lead the class in an aerobic session!  He was doing DPA (Daily Physical Activity), WITH HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS (who are often too cool to do something this silly), before it was even mentioned in the curriculum!  He had fun and memorable ways of teaching what I think is a very boring subject, history.  Most importantly, he knew how to laugh at himself.  I aspire to be a teacher with those qualities.

What are you reading for pleasure this summer?

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