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July 17, 2013

Such a long week

This week is dragging by.  Maybe it has to do with this unbearable heat wave that we are going through right now, but I suspect that it has more to do with the fact that I had an interview on Monday and now I'm waiting to hear back.  As a substitute teacher, this is the absolute worse part of the Summer.  I hate not knowing whether I'll be in a classroom or not come September.  I try so hard not to focus on it and to enjoy the beautiful weather, but I want this so bad that my mind is constantly on school.

My interview went well, and I was very well prepared.  I interviewed for two positions, one at the elementary level, and one at the high school level (I'd looooooove the high school position!!!).  I've also applied for a position in French Immersion with another school board back in June, but they haven't set up a date for interviews yet.  There are also a few long term contracts that I'd like to apply for if these permanent position don't pan out.

So, as I wait (very impatiently), I try to keep busy with other things, for example by creating classroom decors for my best friend who will be teaching in Kindergarten this coming Fall.  I'm so envious of her!  She gets to decorate her own classroom!!  But, I'm also very very happy that she's finally where she wants to be.  Here's a sneak peak at what I've been creating for her wild animal print room.

What theme are you going with for your classroom?  I'm already planning what I'd like my classroom to look like...Hopefully I'll have one to decorate this year! ;)

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  1. Keep us posted on the job offers....I am sure you will get one. I am praying for you!!

    Mind Sparks


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