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July 19, 2014

New Classroom Space!

I went to school yesterday to drop off some things and pick up more resources so that I can plan from home.  My commute to school is a long one.  I travel 2.5 hours everyday to get to and from school.  So, when I go on my days off, I tend to spend the day there to make it worth my while.  When I came up to my classroom, I saw that our wonderful, amzing, incredible custodians had opened up the temporary wall between my classroom and the empty classroom next door!

There are NO WORDS to describe how HAPPY this makes me!!!  I LOVE all this extra space!!  At the end of June, I asked if we could open up that wall for next year (using the very valid "excuse" that I will have 29 students), expecting it to not be possible since it had been so long since it was opened.  We won't be so crowded after all!  I'm especially excited about having a cozy, comfortable space for a reading corner and some space for tables for group work!  Oh the possibilities!!

I also can't wait to get decorating! My colour scheme is lime green, magenta, black and white, with a panda theme.  I have so many ideas, and because I can't go to school  that often , I have to be completely organized and have to buy everything I need before going.  I don't want to spend every last day of my summer break rushing to get my classroom ready.  Pssst....I've already drawn up a few classroom plans.  Crazy.  I know.  My hubby just rolls his eyes at me and laughs.

What would YOU do with so much space?  Any tips and/or ideas for me?  How would you set up this classroom?


  1. WOW! What an amazing space! How wonderful that you'll be able to use both sides! Pandas sound adorable... That's one theme I still have on my list to create for my writing charts!

    Mrs. Beattie's Classroom

  2. Renee,
    You are sooo lucky! I think your idea of a reading area/library and some open work spaces is great. Don't forget to ask around for furniture, check garage sales, find out what is stored in other "closed rooms"! You will make it look awesome I am sure of it!


  3. Oh, I'm already on it Sydney! ;) At the far end, there's a set of two tables put together from another classroom. I have another one in the front, right hand corner, that you can't see in the picture. My amazing hubby has already made me 2 bookcases and he's going to make me a third one before school starts. I'm making milk crate seats for the reading corner as well. I don't think I'll bring in more furniture than that. I want to be able to move around. I also think that I'll be moving my desk, which I'm standing behind to take this picture, to the center of the room, in front of those brown panels (that's the sliding wall). That way, students won't be tempted to "play" with the panels. I have something pretty cool planned for that ugly orange filing cabinet on the far wall too! ;)

    Thanks for taking a moment and leaving a comment Erin and Sydney! You're the best!



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