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September 14, 2014

A Year of Awesome - Week 2

I'm so glad it's the weekend!  Week 2 at school was a blast and flew by very fast, but it was also exhausting.  Getting back into the routine and getting used to all the driving I do every week is taking some time!  I didn't have a chance to blog this week, even though I have a million things that I want to share with you, but today, I'm back for Erin's "A Year of Awesome" Linky.  What a great idea she had!

Everyday, after the kids have left for home, I sit at my desk, take a deep breath and think of my day.  There are always some trying moments, but I choose to focus on the awesome ones instead.  I put a star sticker each day in my day planner to remind myself to think of an awesome moment, and to write it down.

I'm still getting to know my students, even though I had half of them last year.  There will always be new things to discover about them.  Today, we played a lie detector game.  Kids had to come up with three statements about themselves; two that were true, and one that wasn't.  We then asked three questions to try and figure out which one was the lie. Some kids are just terrible liars (that's a good thing) and go blank when you ask them what their 16 cats' names are.  That was a pretty funny statement.  Others were really good, and really sneaky about it, and it's always good to know who those students are, right?

 At the end of the game, I awarded a certificate to our 2 best liars and 2 best lie detectors.  It was a blast! We had some good laughs and it was a great way to bond with all 28 of them.  Seeing the pride in R.'s face when he found out he was the best liar was priceless!  He couldn't wait to put his certificate up on his bedroom wall!  He tells me that his mother wasn't sure how to react to him being the best liar in the class!  ;)

(I forgot to take pictures of them with their certificates! Boohoo!)

Tuesda, we finished our door!  I absolutely love how it turned out!  Pure awesomeness! Sorry for the blurry picture!!  Each student traced and decorated their hands and I assembled them together to create this flower (Pinterest!!  That's all I have to say!).

Our Parent Open House was tonight.  It was so nice to meet all those new parents, but it was also great seeing some of the parents I already knew.  I was a bit nervous while I was presenting, but I managed.  Speaking in front of a room full of adults is a lot more nerve racking than speaking in front of my students every day!   The awesome moments today had to do with parents being happy that their child is in my class and all their wonderful comments and compliments.  Oh!  And the kids from other classes, bringing their parents to see my classroom!  That was pretty awesome too!

Thursday night, I took an hour to read all of my students' classroom job applications.  Some of them are just hilarious.  I insisted that they tell me why they thought they were the best candidate for the position  they were applying for and some of their answers had me laughing out loud!  Like the girl who wanted the messenger job because it's the easiest, or the one who wanted the job of mini-teacher because she knows she can do MY job well when I'm not in the classroom...Not that I would EVER leave them alone!  
My favourite had to be the boy who wants the messenger job because he can walk very quickly in the hallways and get the messages delivered fast.  This is the kid whom I am constantly reminding to walk in the hallways.  I had a good chuckle at that one.

Friday's awesome moment came from the staff room during lunch.  Just like everyone else, we like to share our funny tidbits of the day and a colleague (in the intermediate grades) was telling us about one of her students who was chewing on paper clips.  I know!!! Paper clips!!! Scary!!!  She calmly told him that paper clips were full of germs, that he could get really hurt by putting that in his mouth, blah blah blah.  Then, she told him that she had her First Aid training and that if he choked, she couldn't let him suffer, she'd have to give him mouth to mouth.  She then described the look on his face.  We were howling by the end of the story!  I wish I had been a fly on the wall!  I'm sure he'll think twice before putting anything else in his mouth during class time!

What were some of your most awesome moments this week?


  1. I LOVE your post, Renee! What a great idea to put a star in your agenda, and your door is AWESOME!! I just may have to pin that one for my own classroom! Isn't it refreshing to focus on the great parts of the week?! Thanks for linking up! :)

    Mrs. Beattie's Classroom

  2. I love your door! Pinterest is the BEST! We just finished our door as well. It is covered with self portraits of my firsties. Have a great week filled with more awesome moments.


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