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December 22, 2015

Manda Panda Student Ornaments

I like to give my students a little something for Christmas.  I love traditions and I was looking for an idea that I could do every year.  I wanted to give them something that would remind them of our time spent together every time they looked at it. This year, I came up with THE. BEST. IDEA. EVER!  Check these out!  Aren't they perfect?

I bought clear plastic ornaments at Walmart back in November...before they sold out completely.  I had other intentions for them, but I like this idea way better.  I filled each one with fake snow.  That took a while because the snow isn't heavy enough to fall into the ornament.  It literally has to be pushed in there using a funnel and straw.  I then glued on felt ears and crocheted 21 lime green (the main colour in my classroom) scarves.  After I had glued the scarves on (with a hot glue gun), I drew the black patches for the eyes, the nose and the mouth.  The eyes were glued on last.  I also wrote the year on the bottom of each one.  

During our gift exchange in class, I gave each student their own Manda Panda ornament.  They were thrilled and so careful with them.  I look forward to making these for next year's students!

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